Seeing is Believing: Truck Cameras and Fatigue

Just a few years ago, most of what a safety professional had to go on when performing post-crash investigations involved looking at physical evidence at the scene (skid marks, damaged property, etc.), statistics from the truck (like ECM data), police reports and witness statements including the account from the driver. You were very lucky if [...]

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ELDs: What about AFTER Hours Of Service?

The ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate deadline of December 18th 2017 is fast approaching. In all my travels and interactions with fleets I would say that most companies of mid to large scale report that they already have ELDs in place or a plan to have them in place by the deadline. What's left [...]

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Proposed Obstructive Sleep Apnea Rule pulled. What’s changed? Unfortunately nothing.

Industry safety expert opines that rule withdrawal keeps things murky Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably read about the Trump Administration withdrawing a variety of proposed regulations. This included the withdrawal of one that would have provided clearer direction on how operators in the trucking and rail industry, should be identified and treated [...]

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