When operating your business, safety is a top priority.

Taking an active role in the well being of your workforce initiates a reciprocal partnership and the result is increased productivity – healthy employee, healthy bottom line.

Implementing a fatigue management program can prevent crashes and workplace accidents, reduce medical costs and increase employee retention.

Healthy Employees
– Increased overall health
– Employee retention
– A better quality of life

Healthy Bottom Line
– Reduction in medical costs
– Reduction in disability absences and costs
– Reduction in accidents and workplace injuries

The Economics of the SleepSafe Drivers
Fast-Trac Program for Sleep Apnea

Four to ten month payback period:
The medical and accident avoidance savings resulting from our Fast-Trac program will cover the investment of the program within a four- to ten-month period. With ongoing Sure-Compliance you continue to reap greatly reduced costs year in and year out.

The relatively high proportion of fleet drivers and rail engineers with sleep apnea provides significant opportunity to return money to the bottom line.

Through a well-executed, proactive testing and treatment program businesses:
• can reduce risk
• improve the health of their high-risk employees
• reap significant savings in reduced Worker’s Comp and workplace injury payments
• reduce costs associated with sick days and absenteeism
• reduce liability and insurance costs over time
• improve employee retention

It has been proven that treated drivers have:
• significantly less accidents
• reduced medical costs

Studies have shown that:
• Every dollar invested in testing and treating employees with sleep apnea–
a company achieves three dollars in net savings

Recent published findings displayed at SLEEP 2014

SleepSafe Drivers engaged in a formal clinical study with a top-ten fleet to help document additional areas of savings and provide statistical significance. This study received approval from a Certified Physician’s Independent Review Board to help ensure the outcomes are objective and statistically significant. Every fleet is different, of course, so SSD will work with you to document your own savings.

Our multi-year sleep study with J.B. Hunt, published at the 2014 SLEEP Conference, documented:
• 53% reduction in accidents

• 55% reduction in hard braking
• 56% reduction in medical costs

These combined reductions more than pay for the cost of the program, driving a positive ROI.

Where’s the money?

The SleepSafe Drivers’ testing and treatment pathways have been implemented at several Fortune 500 companies. While your experience may vary, we will jointly target results in this range:

Medical cost reductions 50% $ 8,400/year
Accident reductions 50% $ 2,706/year
Reduced turnover 270% $ 2,816/year
Total $13,922/year
Potential Savings per Year

Medical Cost


Accident Reduction
Cost Savings


Reduction in
Employee Turnover


These 3 Cost
Categories Alone