Founded in 2007, SleepSafe Drivers provides fleets and high-risk occupations in risk-sensitive positions or with challenging work schedules a complete turn-key and cost-effective program for sleep apnea and fatigue management.

Our solutions include both portable and comprehensive sleep services with best-in-class turnaround times and compliance results.

With national coverage, the program allows for easy diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea in a confidential, convenient and cost-effective manner.

The management team at SleepSafe Drivers has unparalleled experience in home sleep testing, high-compliance treatment products and protocols, and a strong network with the nation’s leading sleep labs, sleep physicians, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers.

The SleepSafe Drivers’ program is logistically efficient and effective with a laser focus on minimizing employee downtime while delivering 96%+ compliance in PAP Therapy.