SleepSafe On-Site Diagnostics™ Testing

Unlike most diagnostics programs that require overnight check-in for a full Polysomnographic Study (PSG), SleepSafe Drivers can help most of your drivers get securely tested while sleeping in their natural sleeping location (be it home, truck cab, or hotel). This preferred logistic approach saves time and money, getting the driver tested, treated and back on the job with less downtime.

The Embletta (pictured above) is an ambulatory device that will test for sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home or normal work environment. Because of the convenience it offers, SleepSafe Drivers has chosen to use this Level III Home Sleep Test or devices with similar capabilities.

• Portable or in-lab testing

• Rapid turn-around times of 3-5 days

• All Physicians are Board Certified in Sleep Medicine

• Patented Chain of Custody Solution – SleepSafe Sure-ID

SleepSafe Sure-Compliance™ Treatment

Our documented track record for compliance is 96%, versus an industry average of just 50%. When a driver fails treatment, their CDL is at risk, creating additional costs and delays for the employer. SleepSafe Drivers’ treatment plan manages employers’ cost by ensuring high compliance, with driver compliance data sent directly to your safety managers for DOT ME reporting.

• High-quality APAP products

• Patented Sure Compliance APAP Success Rate

• Active Coaching and Daily Monitoring for support