Nuclear Verdicts and the Impact on the Industry

Nuclear Verdicts–What is it and how can I avoid it? A “nuclear verdict” is commonly defined as a jury award of $10 million or greater and key distinguishing factors include disproportionate awards to plaintiff’s actual economic damages, the award majority is in punitive damages and is significantly higher than expected given the injuries. Nuclear [...]

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Daylight Saving Time Strikes Again

The New Week Begins with Less Sleep, Again... Many of us lost an hour of sleep this weekend due to Daylight Saving Time. We "lose" an hour when the clocks are set forward (except in Hawaii and most of Arizona), and for many that means a tired couple of days as our bodies adjust. [...]

Drowsy Driving Prevention gets its own week, Nov. 3-10, 2019

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about half of U.S. adult drivers admit to consistently getting behind the wheel when drowsy. About 20% admit to falling asleep at the wheel during the past year – with over 40% admitting this has happened at least once in their driving years. These startling figures show how prevalent drowsy driving is. [...]

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