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SleepSafe Drivers provides fleets and high-risk occupations with a complete turn-key and cost-effective
program for sleep apnea and fatigue management. Our solutions include both portable and comprehensive sleep
services with best in class turnaround times and compliance results.

We Keep the Wheels Rolling… Safely.


Reduction in Accidents


Reduction in Hard Braking


Reduction in Medical Costs


Compliance Track Record

Sleepsafe Drivers logo
estimated per week as
a result of sleep apnea
increased risk of crashing
with sleep apnea
dollars saved annually if all
US drivers were treated
total annual savings
per treated driver

SleepSafe Drivers’ sleep apnea programs
make the road to recovery a smooth one.

Watch this quick video to learn more about us!

Watch more videos to learn how to be successful living with sleep apnea.

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