Our Goal: Decrease your time, energy and costs related to implementing a fatigue management program for healthier and more productive employees.

Our Promise: Improve a company’s overall health while reducing healthcare costs

Our specialized program is logistically efficient and effective, unlike the 50% compliance failure rate associated with traditional methods. We understand the need to minimize downtime and we deliver 96%+ success in treatment compliance. Through our proprietary SleepSafe On-Siteā„¢ testing and Sure-Complianceā„¢ programs, most drivers can get tested overnight, have the results and prescription in the morning, and then get fully set-up and extensively coached and trained on their APAP device that same day.

Our Program:

  • Custom program for drivers and high-risk employees with policies and procedures written to fit your company’s environment
  • Nationwide Sleep Safe Drivers Network of testing sites and therapy centers using onsite therapists to assist in home sleep testing, in lab and therapy setup
  • Complete Marketing and Program roll-out plans
  • Reporting to Safety, HR and DOT Medical Examiners
  • SSD Compliance Center, which provides coaching, support and driver solutions
  • Quarterly Management Reporting
  • Over 200% ROI for upfront expenses

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