Our Goal: Decrease your time, energy and costs related to implementing a fatigue management program for healthier and more productive employees.

Our Promise: Improve a company’s overall health while reducing healthcare costs

Our specialized program is logistically efficient and effective, unlike the 50% compliance failure rate associated with traditional methods. We understand the need to minimize downtime and we deliver 97%+ success in treatment compliance. Through our proprietary SleepSafe On-Site™ testing and Sure-Compliance™ programs, most drivers can get tested overnight, have the results and prescription in the morning, and then get fully set-up and extensively coached and trained on their APAP device that same day.

Our Program:

  • Custom program for drivers and high-risk employees with policies and procedures written to fit your company’s environment
  • Nationwide Sleep Safe Drivers Network of testing sites and therapy centers using onsite therapists to assist in home sleep testing, in lab and therapy setup
  • Complete Marketing and Program roll-out plans
  • Reporting to Safety, HR and DOT Medical Examiners
  • SSD Compliance Center, which provides coaching, support and driver solutions
  • Quarterly Management Reporting
  • Over 200% ROI for upfront expenses

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Yes, several large clinical studies have shown that they are just as reliable for people pre-screened for sleep apnea symptoms.
Accurate predictors include obesity (BMI>30), neck =17”, hypertension, diabetes, fatigue, snoring, cardiovascular issues.
Yes, as proven by many large studies. The extra weight in the neck weighs on and collapses the airway during sleep.

Yes that is possible, in part because PAP use helps users to lose weight. However, it is unusual to lose enough to end PAP.

Some fleets pay 100%, and some run it through insurance, with their drivers paying typical co-pays & deductibles.
Several large studies have proven that OSA treatment saves $3-$6k/year in reduced medical expenses. The ROI is 2-3-fold.

Several large studies have shown reduced accidents, reduced turnover, reduced sick days and workers comp; all save money.

Yes, ghrelin boosts hunger, leptin cuts it. Untreated apnea causes both to trigger hunger, PAP treatment reduces appetite.

The largest study, by Dr. A. Pack, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine estimated 28%, and has been substantiated by large fleets proactively treating sleep apnea.

Yes. Their ability to avoid accidents equals a person legally drunk at Blood Alcohol Content of .08%. Risk increases 3-7-fold.

Yes. Legal settlements have run from $10 – $62 million for fatality crashes involving drivers with untreated sleep apnea.

Yes. Drivers have been imprisoned for manslaughter for dodging a recommended sleep test, then causing a fatality.

Yes. Risk of heart attack and stroke are halved; hypertension & diabetes are improved; daytime fatigue and EDS are reduced with compliant APAP treatment.

Several drivers and managers have told us that they believe this program literally saved their lives due to improved health and by removing their daytime fatigue.

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