July 25th, 2019

ACT discusses Sleep Apnea Solutions for Professional Drivers with our own Steven Garrish

Podcast Topic:
What is sleep apnea, and how does it affect America’s Drivers? In this episode you’ll learn about how much fatigue affects the safety of professional drivers. We also learn about a convenient solution for drivers with sleep apnea from Steven Garrish, Senior Vice President of Safety and Regulatory Compliance with Sleep Safe Drivers.

June 30th, 2019

Michael Andrade of Solving Healthcare talks to Steven Garrish about How a Fatigue Management Program can Drive Value.

Podcast Show Synopsis
During the podcast today we interview Steven Garrish, SVP of Safety and Regulatory Compliance for SleepSafe.  Today we address the question: why have a fatigue management program within your employee benefit program? Here are a few reasons:

  • You have 15-25% of your workforce that already has sleep apnea with a majority undiagnosed. They’re spending anywhere between $400 – $6,000 for a sleep test and equipment when diagnosed. Putting in a fatigue management program could save you thousands of dollars per test.
  • People who get the right amount of sleep are more productive and their bodies heal. Reductions in needed medications and symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity are common when individuals are able to sleep unobstructed.
  • Risk management improves. JB Hunt did a study of their sleep program and found that they had a 53% reduction in accidents, 55% reduction in hard braking, and 56% reduction in medical costs as a result of their fatigue management program.

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