Meet the Team


President and CEO

Former General Manager & SVP of ResMed, an international leader in sleep apnea testing and treatment devices (APAPs and masks). Dana’s team led the development of new high-compliance treatment protocols and the ResTraxx wireless monitoring system, which optimizes treatment success with APAP therapy. Dana also led the Diagnostics Business, covering both in-lab PSG equipment and ambulatory testing, and training customers to conduct over 12,000 successful ambulatory tests. Developed key relationships with world-leading experts in the area of ambulatory testing, whose organizations now support SleepSafe Drivers.

Developed innovative business model integrating leading Sleep Centers and Durable Equipment Suppliers (HME’s) into a unified commercial network, delivering “Best in Class” outcomes for SleepSafe On-Site® testing and optimal “Sure Compliance®” Treatment. The SSD Clinical Network features the industry’s finest Sleep Physicians (all accredited by the American Board of Sleep Medicine) and fully Accredited HME equipment suppliers dedicated to providing the high quality services necessary to deliver optimal outcomes via the Sure-Compliance™ Treatment program.

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Lankford has served as the Chief Science Officer since 2010. Currently, he is the Director of Research for The Neuro Center in Gainesville, GA, sits on the Medical Advisory Committee for AirAvant Medical and the Research Advisory Board for Northside Hospital. While serving as both the Director of the Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia and the Principal Investigator for its Research Division, he conducted over 175 clinical trials. He is widely published in prominent journals such as Sleep, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, and sits on numerous Medical Advisory Boards and Speakers Bureaus.

Dr. Lankford became the first Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine in Georgia in 1987, and cofounded and directed the first American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredited sleep disorders center in Georgia in 1984. He cofounded the Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia in 1989 and has served continuously as its Director as well as CEO/President. He has started over 70 sleep centers in his 35 years in the field of Sleep Medicine.

He is a nationally recognized expert in ambulatory/portable sleep diagnostics, having conducted over 26,000 such tests from his facility. He is a noted expert in high compliance outcomes, having conducted the first clinical trial on ResTraxx Wireless Monitoring, which was published in the Journal of Telemedicine in 2003.

Formerly he was Founder/Vice Chairman of Sleep Sciences and Founder/Director of the Sleep Disorders Center of Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Before that he was Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, Texas. He is also a former Site Visitor for the AASM Accreditation Committee as well as the former Co-Chairman of the AASM Health Policy and Reimbursement Committee. He has served on the National Sleep Foundation Faculty and is a Founding/Lifetime Member of its Pickwick Club.

Dr. Lankford received his Masters and Doctorate at the University of Georgia. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. His fields of interest include sleep disorders in transportation/high risk occupations, insomnia, insomnia associated co-morbidities and pharmaceutical research.

COO-Adrian Knight

Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Knight, a Respiratory Therapist, has 30 years of experience in the HME/DME and Sleep industries. He has owned both a sleep lab and a HME/DME company and has extensive experience caring for patients suffering from a number of respiratory conditions. Prior to SleepSafe Drivers, Adrian was VP of Sales and Clinical for North and South America for SeQual Technologies Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of oxygen equipment. He has several patents and internationally published papers in the Respiratory and Sleep field.

VP, Corporate Health &
Safety Solutions

Mary brings over 15 years of sleep and respiratory experience from the manufacturing side. She has extensive knowledge in sleep diagnostics and therapy from her experience in sales with both Embla (now Natus) and Puritan Bennett. With Embla, Mary served as Distributor Manager, working primarily with Home Sleep Testing companies in the US and Australia. Mary has developed national relationships with Sleep Labs and DME partners who now share in the SleepSafe Drivers model.


therapist reviewing compliance reports

Shawn Knight, RRT
Compliance Coordinator

Shelley Hecht, RRT
Compliance Coordinator